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The Doubles SECRETS

If you want to become a better doubles player you need an uncomplicated high percentage strategy and then stick to it. That’s what Trouble FREE Doubles is all about, the only 5 doubles strategies you’ll ever need. This course has (to be determined ?) videos divided into 5 modules, 1.) Make 3 Shots, 2.) Make More First Serves, 3.) Be The First Team To Hit A Volley, 4.) Crosscourt Crosscourt Middle Middle Middle And Don’t Change It and 5.) Be Agressive Price


This course will teach you how to develop and use topspin to become a more consistent player and win more often. Topspin is a key factor in helping players eliminate unforced errors and have more confidence on the court. The course has 38 videos divided into 3 modules, 1.) Topspin Basics, 2.) Take Your Topspin Up A Notch and 3.) The Fine Points Of Topspin.


This course will teach you how to develop and use slice strategically and tactically. To reach higher levels of the game a player must know how and when to use slice. Slice will add a new tool to your game that will give you more options when facing tougher opponents. This course has 20 videos divided into 3 modules, 1.) Slice Basics, 2.) Take Your Slice Up A Notch and 3.) Slice Fine Points.

The Volley DOCTOR

This course has 9 videos with each video covering a different aspect of the volley. Feel confident in dealing with any volley from anywhere on the court… You will become an all court player.  This course can give you that edge. PLUS, there is an additional secret bonus inside that I have never revealed before.

Consistency SECRETS

Don’t ever feel stuck at any level. Take advantage of Tom’s 45 plus years fixing his students problem areas. This course has a total of 102 videos divided into 14 categories covering all aspects of the game. Virtually every problem a tennis player may face is covered with Tom’s quick fix solution. This course really delivers ! You’ll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge! This might be the instant reference you have been looking for. Just one fix can take you game to another level.

Consistency TENNIS WINS

This course has 11 videos. With each video a different aspect of the game is covered . Did you know that by just improving one stroke or strategy, it will allow you to beat players, that are now beating you. This course can give you that edge.


Worry not if you have been frustrated with this element of the game. In 25 videos Tom will show you how to end that frustration and turn one of the most difficult shots into one you have full confidence in. Tom will help you develop a reliable second serve and eliminate the “fear factor”. With a newfound confidence in your second serve, your first serve will automatically get better.


In today’s game the forehand is the go to shot. Learn the key factors of the forehand from grip to finish and everything in between. 3 Modules (Consistency, Power and Finesse) with 29 total videos. If you’re looking for more reliability, power and spin with your forehand this course is for you. Get the course and get the win.


The backhand can be one of the toughest shots to develop consistency and power. The answer to a reliable backhand may not be what people think. With Tom’s technique adjustments you will learn how to relax on this shot and develop real confidence in this stroke. This course covers the one-hander, two-hander and slice, with 30 videos.

Stroke Production For POWER & CONTROL

This course has 46 videos in 10 Modules with 9 bonus videos. A total of 55 videos to teach, train and drill into you Consistent Tennis, the kind that wins matches. You will fine-tune ALL YOUR STROKES from the serve, ground strokes and volleys to the overhead and lob. You will be able to play from any area on the court and become AN ALL – COURT PLAYER.

Consistent TOPSPIN & SLICE Factor

There are 35 videos in this course covering every situation and detail. You will get a clear understanding of topspin and slice, what it is, how to get it, advantages and disadvantages and when to use them. Through the Topspin and Slice Factor course you’ll be building a solid foundation with more variety in your game.


If you never run out of gas you will be a tough opponent. This course has 35 videos divided into 3 Modules, Strength and Power, Footwork Speed and Agility, Endurance and Flexibility. Follow the workouts and you will feel stronger, have improved shot execution, balance and control over the ball with less effort and minimize your chances of injury.


There is a reason why Novak Djokovic adheres to a whole food plant-based diet, he knows it gives him an edge. Tom takes his 15+ years of knowledge on a whole food plant-based diet and helps you avoid the common pitfalls. The 14 videos and 98-pages Recipe E-Book in Tennis Nutrition Secrets will change your health and performance for the better and beyond what you ever deemed possible.


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