I developed CTW Academy after nearly 35 years of teaching tennis. I’ve had the opportunity to be personally taught by probably the best tennis mind to grace the planet, Vic Braden. As well as many top fitness, nutrition and mental coaches including, Pat Etcheberry, Doug Graham and Tom Veneziano.

Throughout my 43 plus years of teaching I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of players, from outright beginners to Tour Level professionals. This has enabled me to experience firsthand, the types of problems encountered by many different types of players, men and women.

In 1997 while teaching at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, in Naples, Florida, my students kept making a recurrent remark. They typically would say something like, “Wow, that was a great lesson, you’ve taught me things I’ve never heard before, I’m heading home tomorrow, I hope I can remember these points when I get back home.” So, on the advice of my wife, who said, “Tom you need to put these tips on video tape,” I started filming my first video, back in 1997.

Now with the Internet, I feel blessed to be able to help tens of thousands of tennis players from all over the world. You know, tennis is a lot like life and there can be many hard knocks along the way. My goal is to help you shorten the learning curve tremendously, and avoid the hard knocks by teaching you how to recognize and fix your mistakes for good!

Why Coach Tom Avery?

Because he cares about every student he engages with...and that means you!

Tom Avery is a lifetime athlete, tennis coach and sports nutritionist. For the last 43 plus years he has helped hundreds of thousands of tennis players from around the globe. He is the author of the popular Consistent Tennis Wins Series (A total of 8 DVDS aired on The Tennis Channel). His YouTube Channel has over 50,000 subscribers to date and over 10 million views and is rated in the top 5 for tennis coaches on YouTube. In addition to his very popular DVD series, he has produced 9 online tennis courses, Consistent Tennis Wins, Stroke Production For Power And Control, Rock Solid Forehand, Rock Solid Backhand, The Topspin and Slice Factor, Serve Domination, Tenacious Tennis Fitness, Tennis Nutrition Secrets and Consistency Secrets.

Currently, at age 70, he is very active in teaching all ages and abilities. When he gets a chance from his busy schedule he plays in USTA Super Senior tournaments. He has played in numerous exhibitions and has played doubles against former world number one Ilie Nastase. He works out 5 days per week and you’ll even find him in an occasional Sprint Triathlon. He also teaches his tennis students and the general public of the benefits of adhering to a plant-based foods lifestyle. He is living proof that eating whole plant foods is the nutritional way to vibrant health and vitality.

Tom has taught at many prestigious tennis clubs over the years. Some of the better known are: the Bronxville Field Club, Bronxville, N.Y., Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod, Brewster, MA, the Naples Grande Resort, Naples, FL., and the Ritz Carlton, Naples, FL.

It’s Tom’s teaching ability that really sets him apart from other tennis instructors. Tennis players from novice to professional have used his guidance to pinpoint their errors and correct them. Tom has been gifted with an eye that enables him to detect flaws that cause inconsistency.

Tom says, “In order to take your tennis game to the best of your ability, it requires 3 things, 1.) Fundamentally sound technique, the more consistent your strokes are the more balls your opponent has to hit, this tilts the odds in your favor 2.) Fitness, if you never run out of steam you’re creating the proper environment for winning, 3.) Mental toughness, the mental part of your game can offset the other two areas when applied correctly."

I sincerely hope you find these courses helpful in your journey to be the best you can be at this great game.

To your tennis success,
Tom Avery